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Nothing is more excited to be able to create something people have never seen before, and every single detail has got the passion and love written all over...

My name is Liang Yuan (Jonathan) Chu, from Kaohsiung Taiwan. Graduated from the Academy of Art University San Francisco, majoring in 3D modeling. However, I found myself spending even more time on traditional sculpting, which I love and keep learning new things from it. 

Thanks to films like Star Wars, Terminator, Aliens and Predator, I've been a fan of sci-fi since I can't even remember. But the day I saw Jurassic Park was the day I knew what I wanted to do for my life. The tremendous amount of talent and artworks inspired and fueled me to the extent beyond description. I decided to come to San Francisco and attended the AAU so I could have the opportunity to dive myself into the amazing art world and have dedicated all my time and efforts to make my ultimate goal come true. 

A dream to be one of the creative and talented minds. Whether it's putting the drawings on papers, sculpting life-like creatures or characters, it is absolutely a privilege to be able to become any part of a creative team and dedicate my passion and love to the industry. 

Feel free to contact me  at or 808-741-1588

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy my works.
3D Modeler / Sculptor